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About Kayserburg

The Kayserburg Artist Series is a crowning achievement by any definition. German craftsmanship complimented by 21st Century technical expertise have combined to create the ultimate in fine musical instruments. The Pearl River Piano Company commissioned famed Swiss piano designer Lothar Thomma and Swiss master production engineer Stephan Mohler to design and craft “the finest pianos in the world.” The result is the pride of Pearl River and a challenge to piano manufacturers everywhere.

For the first time ever, Kayserburg Artist Series pianos are being marketed internationally and we are proud to say we have already attracted the attention of some of the world’s most demanding critics. In fact, Larry Fine’s Piano Buyer deemed our KA132B a “staff favorite” and “musical standout” with a “lovely, singing tone.” The KA132B was compared in a blind test with European pianos costing up to three times as much. An amazing 90% of the judging panel, composed of musicians and technicians, believed the Kayserburg to be the most expensive.