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Welcome to Steingraeber & Söhne

In principle, it’s really very simple: We take the finest, natural materials, time-honoured principles of piano building, and combine them into instruments that are truly alive. Only then do we see the emergence of the tonal richness that Horowitz craved.

And yet this is precisely what far fewer than ten piano manufacturers in the world have been able to achieve. Nowadays, the status of practically all new pianos has been reduced to that of percussion instruments. Nevertheless, professional pianists stake their lives on being able to influence and nuance sound: This is a must for every interpreter – in order to enjoy making music, every pianist needs tone colours above all else.

Our upright and grand pianos are handcrafted in the time-honoured tradition of piano building and are among the finest instruments produced by an elite group of manufacturers. We invite you to get to know them personally at your local Steingraeber dealer.

Acoustics, statics, cabinetry, and action mechanism: Classic piano building views ALL components as sound sources and, without exception, uses natural, resonating materials that require custom adjustment and precision work. This is where the ability to modify the sound comes from. This even extends to the action mechanism and pedals, which are built with a mind to perceptible resonating energy, like an extension of the human body.