The evolution of GRAND PIANO HAUS has been a long journey

Fritz Tasch, the founder of GRAND PIANO HAUS, was born into a musical family. His father was a professor, a concert pianist and a church organist. His mother also played piano quite well. Fritz was born in 1939 in Kecskemet, Hungary, right before World War II broke out. When the bombing raids became more frequent and the Red Army advanced into Hungary, Fritz's parents had no choice but to leave their homeland.


I wanted to thank you for the piano, delivery and assembly. We are enjoying the YAMAHA Clavinova and hope to send you potential clients.

Igor Stavnitser

1 month ago we purchased a 5 ft. 10 in. Cherry Kawai Baby Grand Piano from Grand Piano Haus. I write now to express the complete satisfaction and euphoria we have experienced since the purchase. This instrument is magnificent and has brought us endless joy. Thank you for bringing music into our home! Jeff, we had a most enjoyable buying experience due to your professionalism and sincerity. It was indeed a pleasure doing business with you!

Warmest regards,
Mike and Karen McGowan
Lake Forest, Illinois

recently purchased a 5'10 Kawai RX-2 Millennium edition (ebony polished) from Grand Piano Haus. I wanted to find my "dream" piano which I would really love and which would continue to sound great for my whole life, but my budget was also limited so I spent over a month researching and visiting all the dealers, and reading books and forums. In the end, it was this piano that really spoke to me and I am extremely happy with the decision to buy it.

When I visited Grand Piano Haus for the first time, I was greeted by Jeff, who showed me around and told me about the pianos. I was very impressed with his genuine passion for the pianos that he was selling and he provided me with some great information on the pianos. The showroom was beautiful and all the pianos were in excellent condition, which I appreciated as it helped me to get an accurate idea of what the pianos sounded like. Jeff also let me play the Shigeru Kawai piano which was an awesome experience.

The next week, I came back with a piano technician, my teacher, and my family. Everyone who saw the piano was very pleased with the sound. The more I played, I fell in love with the piano. I later told my family that I felt like I was painting with a full palette of colors. Whatever sound I wanted- soft and dreamy, sweet and singing, or loud and thundering, this piano really shone. When I played Rachmaninoff's 2nd Concerto, this piano really let me express the music as I imagined it should be. Even my teacher, who owns a Steinway and is not easily impressed, remarked that this one had a beautiful, singing tone. My brother told me that it almost transformed into a harp when he played Clair de Lune with the una corda pedal. The piano even inspired him to relearn Grieg's Concerto in A minor (which he had lost interest in over the last couple of years) after I played some parts of it.

At some point during that day, I turned to my brother and my mom and just said with a grin, "Let's get it!" and they got excited and said the same. Being a careful buyer though, I decided to take another trip and look at my other options one more time before making a decision. However, after getting a taste of the RX-2 ME, all the other pianos I was considering fell flat when I played them again. All that was left was to confirm that the RX-2 ME sounded as good as I remembered it. When we came in again, we headed to the piano, full of high expectations, hoping that it would blow us away like it had the last week... and it did! So we decided to make the purchase. Jeff and Fritz were extremely helpful and answered all of our questions about taking care of the piano, humidifiers, different options on the benches, etc. They came to our apartment a few days later and personally delivered the piano. Since then we have been playing it whenever we get a chance.

Overall, it was a great experience and if I had to buy another piano, this is the first place I would look. I have nothing but praise for Grand Piano Haus, and for Kawai pianos. Thanks Jeff and Fritz for helping us get the piano we really loved!

Raj and Nick Sharma
Chicago, Illinois

My wife and I looked for one month to find the right piano for our son. He had been playing on a studio upright for years. We had kept it well tuned and well maintained. But when he decided at the age of eighteen that he wanted to become a classical pianist, we knew we had to find him a much better instrument.

Before finding Grand Piano Haus, we had looked at many brands of pianos and dealt with many dealers. We listened to them laud the merits of their pianos while dismissing the claims of the competition. It was only at Grand Piano Haus that we found the dealer and the piano we had been looking for all along.

Many dealers will try to sell you on the idea that their line of new pianos is the best the market has to offer at your price range. Or they will try to sell you on the reputation of a name brand, whether the piano is new or used. They will even say that just about any used piano, with proper regulating and voicing, can be made to sound any way you would like.

My wife and I read Larry Fine's Piano Book. As our knowledge about pianos grew, so did our skepticism about each and every piano pitched to us. Then we found Grand Piano Haus in Skokie, Illinois.

The words that come to mind when I think of Grand Piano Haus are genuine, quality, and passion. Owners Fritz and Jeff Tasch combine an old world love of great musical instruments with expertise in cutting edge technology. Their focus is on providing a great instrument to the customer rather than, simply, making a sale.

We chose a Kawai RX-1, a 5 foot 5 inch baby grand piano with millennium three action. It was the piano our son needed now and could keep for the rest of his life. It was also a piano we could have bought from other dealers in the area, but did not. Why?

The Tasch dealership is the only Kawai dealership we could find that makes a precision regulation part of its piano prepping prior to delivery. Some dealers we met claimed that the RX-1 required no regulation at all or, at most, minimal forty-five minute tuning and regulation. One dealer actually told us that they sell the RX-1 right out of the box.

To us, it was important for our son to have the most perfect instrument from the start. This meant that we had to have a quality instrument that was masterfully prepared when it was brought to our home. We knew such an instrument would truly make a difference in his learning and career aspiration. This was the piano we got from Grand Piano Haus.

My wife and I are grateful that there are still people like Fritz and Jeff Tasch selling pianos to people like us, who simply wanted to give the best piano we could afford for our son.

Anthony J. Clishem, Ed.D
Lombard, Illinois