All Fridolin instruments are a part of the brand family of Schimmel. Buyers never need to worry if they are making the right decision when purchasing a Schimmel product. When Schimmel puts their name on an instrument, they guarantee precision quality and outstanding value.

All Fridolin instruments are constructed by Schimmel. With over 130 years of excellence in piano making, Schimmel ensures that Fridolin pianos offer the soul of a German piano in sound and touch.

All Fridolin instruments are designed by Schimmel. Schimmel has been awarded with numerous design awards, such as the Red Dot Design Award, the Good Design award, and the German Design Award, to name a few. Schimmel believes that although sound and touch are integral to piano building, the overall look is also paramount.

All Fridolin instruments are manufactured according to a defined process by Schimmel and supervised by German craftsmen from Schimmel. This assures their continuous and consistent quality promise.

All Fridolin instruments are made of highest caliber material. Schimmel carefully selects from the best resources for their pianos, such as German hammer felt, German spruce for soundboards, and Rösslau strings, to name a few.

All Fridolin instruments come with Schimmel's extended factory warranty to validate that you are purchasing a durable and lasting product.

~ Schimmel Piano Corporation stands behind all Fridolin Schimmel products, and they promise you Fridolin is a smart investment! ~