Here at Grand Piano Haus, we have just received our first shipment of Fridolin Schimmel pianos! Looking for a brand new, German-engineered piano at a bargain price? Stop by and try one of these ultra, reasonably-priced Schimmel models.

1st, may we introduce the F121T in a polished ebony, finished with trendy chrome hardware. Standing at 121 centimeters or about 48 inches tall, this medium-sized piano is the most popular sized upright piano for piano players. The balance of size and sound are combined in a most ideal way. The sleek cabinet design, with piano legs running down to almost floor level, gives the piano a modern and complete look.

2nd, may we introduce the F123T, also in an ebony high-gloss and finished with gorgeous chrome hardware. This piano stands at 123 centimeters tall or approximately 49 inches. Due to its larger size, the tonal colors are noticibly more intense in this model. Its wide dynamic range of sound makes this piano a perfect partner for ambitious players.

3rd, may we introduce the F123T, again in a black gloss, but this model is finished with traditional gold hardware, for those who crave a more classic look.

Please visit us any time to touch and hear these beautiful German-crafted pianos for yourself. You won't believe your ears, and then you won't believe the price!