New Pianos: Fridolin Schimmel Pianos


Fridolin Schimmel Pianos

The F. Schimmel is a truly uncompromising, German-designed piano made of precious chosen materials.

Hear the warm sustaining tone and sparkling treble with its intuitive, precise touch that will inspire every musician.

The F. Schimmel pianos are the world’s finest instruments in their price range.

Now it’s easier than ever before to own a world class piano.

0% interest up to 24 months on these models.

This offer expires March 31, 2019

Fridolin Piano Models:

With a 130-year legacy crafting exquisite German pianos, Fridolin Schimmel Pianos are uncompromising in their attention to detail. Brothers Wilhelm and Fridolin applied their musical mastery and technical genius first in Germany before sharing their talents with the United States. Using only the best materials to produce warm, unrivaled tones with responsive-touch features, F. Schimmel Pianos are the world’s finest instruments in their price range. For those in the Chicago area, we invite you to visit our comprehensive showroom. It’s truly never been easier to own a world class piano.

F116TEP 46 ½” Ebony Polish

Like all Fridonlin pianos, the smallest model is based on a long-established original Schimmel construction. The experience of Schimmel, as the inventor of the so-called "small upright piano", is particularly beneficial to this model. Despite its low height it has an enormous sound power and can easily be compared with larger pianos.

F121TEP 48” Ebony Polish / Walnut Polish

This medium-sized piano is allround one of the most popular sizes for piano players. The balance of size and sound are combined in an ideal way. The unique cabinet design with piano legs styles that flow with an unbroken visual line all the way down to the castor, creating a perfect harmony of appearance as well as sound.

F123TEP 49” Ebony Polish / Mahogany Polish

With its 123 cm hight, this piano can be counted as one of the larger pianos. Due to the size, the sound colors are particularly intense in this model. Its wide dynamic range of sound makes this piano a perfect partner for ambitious players.

F130TEP 52” Ebony Polish

Based on the long-established German tradition of piano building, the model F130 Tradition has been made with a dedication to detail. The triumph of this biggest of all Fridolin upright pianos is the German Schimmel construction of sound and touch. This provides the pianist with the German tradition of richness in sound and a well-balanced touch.