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The evolution of GRAND PIANO HAUS has been a long journey

Fritz Tasch, the founder of GRAND PIANO HAUS, was born into a musical family. His father was a professor, a concert pianist and a church organist. His mother also played piano quite well. Fritz was born in 1939 in Kecskemet, Hungary, right before World War II broke out. When the bombing raids became more frequent and the Red Army advanced into Hungary, Fritz's parents had no choice but to leave their homeland.

Whether your current piano is a valuable family heirloom or a dust collector you still need to get some idea of its value when you want to sell it. Following are the top questions we use to ascertain used piano value. The more information you can provide the better our staff is able to provide you an objective value range. If you are looking to replace your current piano you may want to consider saving yourself time, effort and advertising money by trading in your used piano on a new grand, console or digital from Grand Piano Haus. We may also be interested in taking your piano into our used section on consignment.

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