Studio Hall


In 2010, GPH (Grand Piano Haus) designed and completed the most advanced audio-video studio for pianists in the metro Chicago area.

In the past, many of our clients criticized their experiences regarding other local recording studios, especially the lack of finding a studio with a high quality, concert-prepped piano. We were made aware of how frustrating it could be to try and express emotion, dynamics or expression on a sub-standard piano in a recording studio. When we were designing our studio, our intentions were to focus on not only a high quality room utilizing the latest in recording technology, but also to allow pianists to record on the industry's finest pianos.

Our audio recordings are suited best for:

* A gift for a loved one or an adoring fan

* Audition or Competition submissions

* Artist Promotional Material

* Recital mementos

* Performance mementos

Audio Recording Fees:

Basic Audio Recording Package:

Our basic recording fee is $150 per hour (minimum 1 hour). Basic recording consists of an unedited, high quality, stereo recording on 1 (one) CD with jewel case and no graphics. Each additional hour is $99. Each additional CD is $5. In addition, we can also provide any uncompressed audio format (i.e. .WAV, .AIFF, etc.) or compressed audio format (i.e. .MP3, .AAC, .OGG, .WMA, etc.).

HD Video Recording Fees:

Grand Piano Haus has recently obtained a professional grade HD video camera and HD video editing software for basic video recording requirements.

Basic Video Recording Package:

Our basic video recording package fee is $250 per hour (minimum 1 hour). Each additional hour is $110. Our basic video package consists of an unedited HD video recording in 1080P (either 30frames or 24frames) with an unedited, high quality audio recording (uncompressed) on 1 (one) DVD with a jewel case and no graphics. Each additional DVD with a jewel case is $8. A Blu-ray Disc would be $20 per disc. In addition, we can also provide rendered video files in a wide array of compressed video formats. Please contact us for additional information on your more sophisticated video production needs.

GPH Studio Rental:

GPH's studio may also serve as a multi-use audio/video conference room as well as a small recital room. In addition to having the latest recording equipment, the GPH studio also has a multi-channel sound system utilizing super-high quality, bi-amped speakers, as well as a Hollywood grade, 1080P ceiling-mounted video projector beaming images onto our 105" screen for everyone to enjoy. We also added multi-colored L.E.D. stage lighting and complimentary high speed internet connection, both wired and wireless (WLAN 2.4GHz and 5GHz Access Points).

GPH Studio Rental Fees:

Monday through Saturday:
$300 for the first 3 hours.
Includes concert time & one-hour dress-rehearsal, 3 hours total

$400 for the first 3 hours.
Includes concert time & one-hour dress-rehearsal, 3 hours total

Rental Fee for Practicing/Private Lessons:

$35 per hour

Please contact us for availability or to schedule an appointment. Ask for Jeff!

Jeff Tasch